Airbnb rolling out requirements for rental cleaning and vacancy

Airbnb is starting a certification program with protocols
for cleaning and use of the rental.

Scheduled to go live in May, the program calls for a 24-hour
wait period before anyone enters a unit after a guest has checked out, which
Airbnb said is intended to address the possibility of particles that may remain
airborne for a few hours. 

Guests will be able to identify and book listings that have
opted to enroll in the certification program.

Airbnb also will have protocols on the use of personal
protective equipment like masks and gloves as well as the use of disinfectants.

For hosts who don’t commit to new cleaning protocols, an
alternative solution, called Booking Buffer, will be implemented. Under this
measure, hosts must keep their accommodations vacant for a 72-hour period in
between stays, with reservations automatically blocked during that time frame. 

Under Booking Buffer, hosts and cleaners must wait 24 hours
before entering an accommodation after a guest checks out.  

Airbnb said it collaborated with health and safety experts
and organizations — including Ecolab and former U.S. surgeon general Dr. Vivek
Murthy — to develop the protocols.

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