American Marketing Group introduces training program for new travel advisors

As business ramps up and travel agencies hire again, members of Travelsavers and the Network of Entrepreneurs Selling Travel (NEST) will be able to provide a training program for travel advisors who are new to the industry. 

Parent company American Marketing Group has launched the KORE program in partnership with the Travel Institute and Allianz Partners. Currently in beta testing, KORE has 16 modules covering a variety of topics, including business training and sales skills. 

The curriculum includes an overview of the industry and its key players, basic financials, world geography, sales techniques, customer service, social media and communication, industry compliance, and travel insurance. It comes with two digital textbooks and three workbooks, plus extensive online videos focused on real work experience. 

Applicants who complete the course, which should take about four months, and then pass the proctored final exam will receive certification from the Travel Institute. 

And while it is designed for new entrants in the travel industry, chief sales officer Kathryn Mazza‐Burney said the company has seen interest from many managers and agency owners who want to hone and refresh their skills. It currently is available only to Travelsavers and NEST members, but will be released to the industry in 2022.

AMG also recently debuted a new host agency model, NEST Plus. Travel advisors who are new to the industry and seeking to join will have to graduate from KORE before they go out on their own, said chief marketing officer Nicole Mazza. 

“We’re in the Great Resignation. There’s definitely been a concern about the number of travel advisors leaving the workforce,” she said. “But the larger agencies are starting to hire. It will take time but the stock market is doing tremendous, and that’s always a good indicator. And travel advisors have realized how important training is to their business.”

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