American Marketing Group updates social media product

American Marketing Group (AMG) has enhanced its social media content platform for travel advisors, Social Connect, making it easier to use and giving it a more modern look.

Social Connect delivers social media content for affiliate agencies. AMG is the parent company of Travelsavers, the Network of Entrepreneurs Selling Travel (NEST) and the Affluent Traveler Collection.

Social Connect gives travel advisors access to customizable creative assets such as social media posts and postcards. With the update, Social Connect is mobile responsive. Agents can also filter the content to find the most appropriate assets for their needs.

Social Connect assets can be uploaded to a number of social media platforms, according to AMG, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Social posts are automatically personalized with the advisor’s logo and contact information.

“After 10 years, it was time to evolve the Social Connect platform,” Nicole Mazza, chief marketing officer of AMG, said. “Since the pandemic started, we’ve seen an exponential increase in usage since 2019, as our advisors realize the power of social media, plus the importance of staying in touch with their clients.”

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