Amtrak's New High-speed, Low-carbon Trains Will Have More Legroom and Upgraded Cafe Cars

Acela Amtrak train

Train travel in the U.S. may not be as advanced or widespread as in other parts of the world, but Amtrak’s new fleet is powering into the 21st century with high-speed, low-carbon trains. 

The recently unveiled fleet will hit the tracks in 2021 and give people a sustainable way to travel on the Acela line between Boston and Washington, D.C. Beyond their new look and carbon-friendly features, these new trains also come with some additional perks for passengers. According to Lonely Planet, these new extras include 25% more seats, more legroom, more spacious restrooms, and larger storage compartments for luggage.

The trains also feature an upgraded cafe car with more dining and beverage options, including a greater selection of meals and craft beers. And just like the trains themselves, the food and beverage packaging will be more eco-friendly. Each seat also comes complete with personal outlets and USB ports to keep passengers and their devices connected and fully charged. Complimentary Wi-Fi on board means people working from the road don’t have to skip a beat in their work days. There are also adjustable reading lights at every seat for the bookworms. 

Passengers with disabilities will also find that accessibility has been improved, making it easier for them to move around the train. There's also built-in technology that will inform passengers of their location, travel speed, and any announcements from the conductor. If these features weren’t enough incentive to book a trip on the new fleet, these trains will also get passengers to their destinations in less time as they travel at 160 miles per hour. That’s 10 miles per hour more than the current train models on the Acela line. With its lighter design, the trains may travel faster, but they’ll also reduce carbon output by about 40% per customer, Lonely Planet reports. 

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