Avalon Shares Details of New Danube River Ports in 2021

Avalon Waterways is sharing news about its 2021 season, giving travelers the chance to dream about – and anticipate – their next river voyage.

The river cruise line has unveiled six new ports on the Danube River and three new 2021 river cruise vacations that feature Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.

The new Danube River ports are:

— Ilok, Croatia: Surrounded by wine-growing hills, Ilok is the easternmost town in Croatia. Avalon will invite travelers to delve into the town’s 1,000-year-old wine-making tradition and explore the cultural heritage, protected by a medieval fortress.

— Golubac, Serbia: Sitting high above the Danube River, just outside the Iron Gates, is the medieval Golubac fortress, one of the best-preserved in Europe. Guests can learn about the area’s tumultuous history and its ties to the Habsburg Monarchy and Ottoman Empire.

— Constanta, Romania: A port city on the Black Sea, Constanta offers sweeping views and a Natural History & Archeological Museum for a glimpse into early Romanian cultures.

— Ybbs, Austria: Established in the 1300s, Ybbs was an important port for trade in the Middle Ages. Today, it serves as the entry point for the Danube to lower Austria. Avalon Waterways will be the first international cruise operator to stop in this village.

— Hainburg, Austria: This beautiful village sits 20 miles outside Bratislava and has a strong Habsburg history. Avalon guests will have the opportunity to experience the area’s wetlands, castle and its strong Roman past.

Avalon Waterways’ new 2021 Danube itineraries, including those that feature new ports, are the nine-day “Balkan Odyssey from Bucharest to Zagreb; the nine-day “The Danube from Croatia to the Black Sea,” which travels between Zagreb and Bucharest; and the 16-day “The Danube from Germany to the Black Sea,” which travels between Deggendorf and Bucharest.

“On our all-new Balkan Odyssey cruise, travelers will embark on an adventure along the Danube and Drava rivers for an unforgettable journey through time and tradition,” said Pam Hoffee, managing director of Avalon Waterways. “This itinerary is perfectly book-ended with two nights in both Bucharest and Zagreb and represents our Danube expansion, giving travelers more ports and more possibilities for their river cruise exploration.”

All cruise itineraries sail on Avalon Waterways’ signature Suite Ships, which have two full decks of 200-square-foot Panorama Suites with Open-Air Balconies and beds facing the windows.

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