Carnival cuts back on breakfast buffet bacon

Procurement issues are apparently prohibiting Carnival Cruise Line from bringing home the bacon.

In a Facebook Live video posted earlier this month, Carnival’s brand ambassador John Heald told viewers that the line was having supply chain issues, including the sourcing of bacon. 

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The solution: temporarily moving to an every-other-day schedule for bacon in the line’s Lido buffets. 

In a statement, Carnival explained: “Like many companies in the hospitality sector, we are having some supply chain sourcing challenges, and bacon is one such item.  We have notified our guests that we will serve bacon on alternating days at our Lido breakfast buffet, and our guests have been very understanding and cooperative.” 

In other words, Heald joked, the breakfast staple would take a “bacation” every other day.

Heald reassured viewers that other pork products, such as sausage and breakfast ham, would still be available.

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