Coronavirus: Cruise ship with confirmed cases stranded in Carribean – 600 Britons on board

More than 600 passengers from the UK have been left stranded on a Braemar cruise liner. The Fred. Olsen ship has been refused entry into the Bahamas following five confirmed cases of coronavirus on board.


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With coronavirus fears continuing to grow, many holidaymakers will notice disruptions to their holidays.

A Braemar cruise liner, that is operated by British cruise firm Fred. Olsen, has been refused entry to a port in the Bahamas.

The ship is carrying 682 passengers and 381 crew with most on board believed to be British.

Five passengers on the cruise line have already tested positive for coronavirus.

This safety risk caused the ship to be turned away when trying to dock yesterday.  

The ship was meant to stop in Freetown in the Bahamas but it was refused entry.

Instead, holidaymakers were transported 25 miles off the northern coast of the Bahamas where they docked.

While there, supplies including extra food, fuel and medicine were delivered by helicopter.

The medical supplies included guests own repeat prescriptions and an extra doctor and nurse joined the ship.

The ship was set to arrive at its final stop in Barbados on Thursday but was also turned away.

The company is now trying to get guests home in the easiest way possible, according to a statement from Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines.

It read: “Two Foreign and Commonwealth officers have flown out to Freeport from the UK to offer support to authorities in The Bahamas to ensure that this operation is conducted as quickly as possible.


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“The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has also written letters to all British nationals on board, which are being delivered this morning, advising them to follow the guidance of Fred. Olsen while work continues to get guests home as soon as possible.”

The Foreign Office is said to be working to try and allow Britons to disembark and fly home.

However, if this is not possible holidaymakers could face a 10-day journey by ship back to the UK, according to the Mail on Sunday.

Earlier this week, Fred. Olsen announced it would pause all future cruises until May 23. 

A statement read: “You will know that, along with many other cruise and travel companies, we are facing challenging and unprecedented times at the moment.

“With the ongoing situation with COVID-19, multiple port closures and the recent government advisory for cruise travel, we believe it is currently impossible for us to offer our guests the holiday experience that we promise.

“We have therefore taken the difficult decision to pause our ocean cruise operations until 23rd May.

“Our priority now is to get all existing guests and crew home as safely and comfortably as possible. Any subsequent itineraries will not go ahead once the current cruises have come to an end.”

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