Couple Cruises From Home After Voyage Canceled

The temporary shutdown of the cruise industry has ruined vacations for many travelers, but one couple decided to make the best of a bad situation.

According to the New York Post, Norma and Dave Trill of Melbourne, Australia, were scheduled to sail on a 10-day cruise for their 53rd wedding anniversary, but the voyage was canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

While the 74-year-olds may have been forced to stay home and celebrate in isolation, the duo decided to turn a negative into a positive. Wearing bathrobes and sunglasses, Norma and Dave drank wine and stared at an ocean view playing on their television.

The couple’s daughter Jane shared a video of the pair relaxing at home with two rolls of toilet paper, a Minion wearing sunglasses and a bottle of hand sanitizer to really give them the full cruise experience.

“They canceled their trip due to the coronavirus and we thought we would cheer them up by simulating the trip using a YouTube video of the ocean and they dressed in their usual cruising attire,” Jane told the New York Post. “We laughed for ages over it and it really lifted our spirits. [We were] rolling on the floor laughing.”

Despite the trip’s cancellation, the Trill family made the most of the situation and can be seen in the video clinking glasses and enjoying their time. The video’s description said, “Cruise cancelled? No problem.”

Since posting, the Facebook post has received thousands of views and plenty of support from travelers also impacted by the viral outbreak. Other social media users have followed suit and started posting images and videos of vacations taken from their homes.

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