Cruise guest shares ‘biggest lesson yet’ after booking mistake

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The guest warned other passengers to check who else would be travelling on their cruise. They said they had made the mistake of booking with a large group.

The guest wrote on Reddit: “Search your cruise ship and date and look for large group blocks.

“We have had two very bad experiences with large groups being onboard. We would have never booked for those dates if we had known.

“Several areas were closed and restaurant menus were changed to accommodate groups without disclosing prior to booking. Our biggest lesson yet!”

If a cruise line has a large group booked on for a themed cruise or another special event, they may close some areas.

A themed cruise is when a group of passengers book on the ship to celebrate a tv show, film or another special interest.

This might mean that other guests may not be able to access some areas but they can ask the cruise line before booking.

Another guest shared their top tip for passengers saying: “The biggest thing I learned is to be open about what you like and ask if you think of something you would prefer.

“Especially true in all regards of dining and modified dishes or snacks. But also to get a special brand of liquor they don’t have at a specific bar you plan on visiting regularly or anything that is missing in the room.

“I have had the furniture on the balcony changed as I was travelling solo and preferred a lounger instead of two chairs and a table.”

Cruise passengers can ask the crew if they have a special request and it may improve their holiday experience.

Crew will usually go out of their way to make sure passengers have a good time and will try to meet their requests.

Reasonable requests such as a special drink for different balcony furniture may be granted by the crew.

Another passenger shared a warning saying: “The demographics of the other cruise passengers make a huge difference in the quality of the cruise experience.”

Some cruise lines attract a louder and more sociable audience while on other ships passengers tend to keep to themselves.

Virgin Voyages is a great line for passengers who want to mingle with other guests and enjoy a party atmosphere.

Passengers looking for peace and quiet may prefer another cruise line where there is plenty of alone time.

A guest added: “Budget for your onboard expenses. I am bad at budgeting, but no matter how hard we try to be ‘good’, that bill at the end of the cruise is painful.”

Some passengers may prefer to book an all-inclusive cruise so they aren’t surprised at the end of the voyage.

A drinks deal will help guests keep track of their spending and avoid a shocking bill when they come to check out.

On some cruise lines, passengers may be able to keep track of their onboard spending on the ship’s app.

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