Cruise rage as locals accuse tourists of ‘clogging’ up town

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Cruise holidays can be controversial. Although many British tourists enjoy travelling on cruise ships, some local residents aren’t fans of the huge ships.

On Reddit, a local resident shared their anger about cruise tourists visiting their port town during peak season.

They said: “I live close to a port which gets a ship every two to three days in summer, 3,000 passengers may get off.

“A portion of them do organise tours to select tourist stops, some of which may do ok from it.

“Many don’t. People go for a walk but spend very little in local businesses apart from souvenir shops and snack shops.

“Narrow roads are clogged with traffic, our main produce market is clogged with sightseers, small shops are clogged with browsers.

“They even want to close a popular walkway when ships are in town. The port authority makes money, the tour companies make money, some establishments make money but for most it is a seasonal inconvenience.”

Some residents feel that their small port town can’t cope with a huge influx of cruise tourists every day.

Each ship may be carrying thousands of passengers who can put pressure on a town’s roads and shops.

A cruise tourist added: “Reminds me of our recent cruise stop in Portofino. I’ve never been anywhere that hates tourists so very much.

“Although I can’t really blame them. The place is small and absolutely overrun with tourists.

“It’s such a beautiful place but the crowds of tourists irritated shop owners and restaurant staff, not to mention the locals.

“One local lady was walking around to groups of people yelling ‘I hate tourists’.”

Portofino is a small fishing village on the Italian Riviera which is popular due to its beautiful harbour with coloured houses.

Due to its popularity, Portofino can become overrun in summer which can upset local residents.

Key West in Florida has also seen protests over cruise ships with residents complaining about the high numbers of tourists.

The port reduced the number of cruise ships that can visit after residents voted for strict limits.

But why do cruise holidaymakers seem to attract more anger than other forms of tourism?

One Reddit user suggested: “They’re not very good economically compared to other forms of tourism.

“At best, they’re in port only long enough for some very light shopping and lunch, often at places that cater only to cruise tourists.

“No hotel stays. No real exploration away from the direct port area. No dinner or nightlife expenditure.”

Despite the anger, some cruise ports are keen to welcome more tourists from ships as several businesses rely on the holidaymakers.

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