Cruise secrets: Veteran cruiser reveals incredible truth about how he packs for cruises

Cruise holidays can often start with a flight to the starting destination of the trip. Consequently, holidaymakers have to make sure their luggage not only fits the allowance of the cruise line but also the airline they fly with. This can prove tricky for passengers who struggle with whittling their holiday packing down.


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A regular cruiser has shared his packing tips.

Ralph Grizzle, founder of website The Avid Cruiser, explained to that he successfully only takes hand luggage away with him on a cruise.

How does he manage to keep his holiday packing to such a minimum?

“We always try to pack carry-on. It’s a bit tricky, and it depends on how strict (or lenient) the airline is,” said Ralph.

“Why carry on? First, our luggage won’t get lost.

“Or to say that better, the airlines won’t lose it because they won’t have it.

“And we were tired of manoeuvring wheeled luggage up and down escalators, bumping into people, and rolling it through city streets with cobblestones or steps.

“Plus we found we overpacked when we had the luggage space.

“We like carrying a large backpack, with good weight distribution, essentially carrying the load on our hips.

“We manage to pack carry-on for all of our cruises, even adventure cruises, such as our recent trip to the Galapagos.”

The Avid Cruiser contributor Tamera Trexler revealed her and Ralph’s packing tips online.

“Finding outfits that are multipurpose and versatile to meet all the different scenarios and weather is a challenge, especially fitting all the attire into carry-on luggage.

“Plus, we want our hands free, which means backpacks. Our goal is to always pack as if the airlines were going to lose our luggage.


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“Long-distance backpacking taught me the “rule of three,” which allowed me to keep my load light and less bulky: three pair of socks, three bras and three pair of underpants.

“This conveys into the one I wear, the one that’s dirty and the one that is drying from handwashing.”

She continued: “I have rolled my clothing to fit in nicely. Rolling reduces wrinkles; I do not do ironing.

“I have filled all the little nooks, crannies and pockets with my travel needs.

Tamera added: At the airport, we’ll see if we’re allowed to carry on our backpacks and handpieces.

“If not, we have an additional backpack that folds into its own pocket.

“It will give us an extra bag in case we need to re-strategise.

“The secret to being able to pack as lightly as we did was to start early, think about it, lay everything out, think some more, sleep on it (figuratively) and dispose ruthlessly.”

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