‘It’s not worth it’ Cruise guests divided over cabins

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A cruise guest asked other passengers on Reddit whether they should pay extra for a balcony cabin. Several of the guests thought it wasn’t worth it.

One person wrote: “Personally, I would say no, the balcony is not worth it. The balconies are very small, and when I had a balcony cabin, we very rarely used it.

“Partly because my wife was so scared about being that close to the railing. Cabins are small on the ships, but you likely won’t be in your cabin that much.

“There are other, and better, places to be on the ship. Even if you want to be away from crowds, you can still find plenty of places with chairs to sit outside without any crowds around.”

Cruise ship cabins are notoriously small and the balconies in standard rooms are usually quite small as well.

On the majority of ships, a balcony will have a small coffee table and two chairs for guests to enjoy the view.

Another passenger agreed saying: “I’m with you on this one. The balcony benefit is going to be valued differently by everyone but on the last cruise I did, the balcony room was literally double the price of our ocean view room.

“When I considered that I could literally do two cruises with an oceanview room for the same price as one cruise with a balcony room it was personally an easy choice for me.”

Balcony rooms are more expensive so if guests want to save money, they might find they can do without it.

A guest added: “There’s a lot of things to love about inside cabins as well, if you like the feeling of being inside a cave.

“The cost difference is real. You can find plenty of time and space to relax on deck with an ocean view, many of them quiet and relaxing once you find your spot.”

The ship will have plenty of areas to relax, both inside and out, so it’s not essential to have a balcony.

However, some people said they would never cruise without a balcony and thought it was definitely worth the money.

One said: “Get the balcony. It’s so worth it. Personally, I wouldn’t do the interior ever again. It’s too awkward and closed in.

“There’s something really nice about being able to wake up in the morning and go and sit out there.”

Another guest said: “If you can afford the balcony, go for it. I loved watching departures from the balcony with a drink and no crowds.

“Rest can mean many things. For me, it mostly means avoiding people and the balcony can help.”

While some people don’t mind not having a window, others find interior rooms far too claustrophobic.

A good compromise could be an ocean view room where guests will be able to see outside and have natural light.

For some guests, a balcony is an essential and they like to enjoy their own snacks and drinks out there.

As the passenger said, it can also be a good place to avoid other people if guests need their alone time.

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