Original Group Offers Agent Affiliate Program for Temptation, Desire Resorts

Original Group, owner and operator of Temptation Cancun Resorts & Cruises and Desire Resorts & Cruises, is offering travel advisers a way in which to boost their commissions up to 20 percent by enrolling in its Original Affiliates Program.

The program enables “travel agents, influencers, bloggers and digital platform owners to publish trackable banners on their website or social media platforms,” the company said. “Each time a person visits the link through the banner and makes a reservation, the travel agent/affiliate receives a commission.”

Advisors can “refer a potential client to our websites by promoting our banners and they can book the reservation for the client on our website or through our Original Affiliates dashboard,” Original Group said. “Bookings can be reported in our Temptation and Desire Rewards Programs which earns you extra benefits.”

Benefits include $15 per night booking incentives.

Temptation Cancun Resort is a topless-optional property, and Desire Riviera Maya Resort and Desire Riviera Pearl Resort are all-inclusive clothing-optional resorts.

Original Group also operates adults-only cruises that cater to travelers interested in the Temptation and Desire resort experiences.

The company has owned and operated adults-only resorts in Mexico for more than 35 years.

For more information on the Affiliates program, contact Affiliates Sales Manager Bertin Cortez at [email protected]

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