These Secluded, Reflective Cabins in Canada Offer a Unique Way to Immerse Yourself in Nature

This might just be the greatest escape yet.

Travelers can now prebook a stay in a pair of reflective cabins located in the secluded wilderness about two hours north of Toronto.

The 275-foot spaces are covered with a reflective stainless steel material, allowing them to completely blend in with the forested surroundings and provide a new kind of immersive stay in the woods. In fact, the company behind it — Arcana — calls itself a "movement" to further the relationship between humans and nature. As part of that mission, they're offering "innovative, science-backed experiences and educational content to enable people to easily access the restorative powers of nature," the brand said in a release sent to Travel + Leisure.

To celebrate its initial launch, Arcana is inviting guests to prebook now for stays starting in August 2021, pending Ontario's COVID-19 restrictions. The exact location will only be disclosed to guests and include a private sauna, nearly 10 miles of marked trails for hiking and guided forest bathing, and a custom meditative sound journey designed with Woom Center and The Dojo Upstate. There's a two-night minimum stay (three nights on long weekends), with prices starting at $299 per weeknight for up to two guests. (Visitors must be at least 18 years old.)

Eventually, Arcana will launch several sites across both the United States and Canada at locations that have yet to be announced.

"Our need for nature has never been greater than over the past year, with long lockdowns and being isolated inside for months all contributing to a growing mental health crisis," Arcana cofounder Felicia Snyder said in a statement.

Fellow cofounder Alan Gertner added, "We think the world would be a better place if we could all get more time in nature. With Arcana, we are creating a community to help us incorporate the natural world, and its emotional and mental benefits, into our lives. We hope that we are creating a ritual worth repeating — a long-term, symbiotic relationship with nature that changes how we see the world and how we see ourselves within it."

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