Discover Puerto Rico reaches out to LGBTQ travelers with new initiative

Discover Puerto Rico launched an initiative called Live Out, designed to strengthen the destination’s commitment to the LGBTQ community and to raise awareness of Puerto Rico as a destination where travelers can celebrate themselves in a welcoming  atmosphere.

Another initiative, called Pathway to Employment, addresses the challenges that trans, queer and non-binary people face in finding safe workplaces and getting hired. The project provides education and resources for HR professionals and job seekers to better connect the local hospitality industry with a more diverse community, according to Leah Chandler, Discover Puerto Rico’s chief marketing officer.

“Among Discover Puerto Rico’s core values are inclusivity, agility and the importance of being collaborative,” Chandler said.

“We are fostering a travel industry that is safe and welcoming for both guests and employees,” she said. “By strengthening or position as an ally, we make Puerto Rico welcoming for all travelers and support an historically excluded community.”

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