Food for Soul partners with Palace Resorts for Refettorio Merida

Food for the Soul, a nonprofit organization designed to fight food waste and build community resilience, has partnered with Foundation Palace, Palace Resorts’ philanthropic institution. Together, the organizations will open the first North American Refettorio on March 25 in Merida. 

The Refettorio will offer a daily lunchtime food service to members of the community by transforming surplus ingredients into meals. The elevated community kitchen will be brightly colored, festive, and welcoming, located inside the Casa Santa Luisa, a historic, colonial house belonging to a local philanthropist who was an advocate for social conscience. The walls will be decorated with artwork from the artist Bosco Sodi, who celebrates Mexican culture in his work.

From Monday to Friday the Refettorio, a team of local volunteers will serve three-course lunches to guests in need from the community, including the homeless and isolated members. 

Food for Soul’s Refettorios were thought up by Chef Massimo Bottura in 2015, with projects already open in Milan, Rio de Janeiro, Modena, Bologna, London, Paris and Naples.

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