Miami Beach to Reopen Hotels and Beaches June 1

With summer just around the corner, many cities within the U.S. are hoping to reopen for tourists sooner rather than later.

Among them—Miami Beach. On Friday, city commissioners agreed to begin reopening hotels and beaches beginning June 1, reported the Associated Press.

Florida began phase one of their reopening mid-May, with barbershops, hair salons and retail shops allowing customers back in. The state erred on the cautious side in regards to restaurants, not allowing their reopening until two days after Memorial Day.

Officials agreed to delay the reopening until after the long holiday weekend in the hopes of avoiding the large crowds it usually brings.

“We have to exercise some measure of caution because there is a natural tension between crowds and physical distancing,” Miami Beach Mayor Gelber said. “How do you manage that in a pandemic? The answer is carefully. We know that Memorial Day is a traditional time for everybody to go to the beach and if we saw hundreds of thousands of people on our beaches, it would be a disaster.”

Many other beaches up and down the state’s coast will likely soon follow suit. May 26 saw the reopening of Broward County beaches, and the Florida Keys have announced their reopening beginning June 1.

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