Plenty of places to assist conservation humanitarian efforts in Africa

For those travelers who are in a position to offer financial assistance, there are a number of worthwhile conservation and community causes that could desperately use the help:

The Covid-19 Village Support program: The Natural Selection Foundation (registered in Botswana and the U.S.) has launched the Covid-19 Village Support program. This program will be transporting food parcels to remote villages in Africa to improve nourishment of communities in the face of this unprecedented viral threat and address human-wildlife conflict by reducing the need for bushmeat. Education materials will be distributed along with the parcels. A donation of $75 will feed a family of six for a month.

The Isibindi Foundation: The foundation is going from homestead to homestead distributing face masks, soaps, hand sanitizer and information sheets in local languages, sharing World Health Organization advice and giving demonstrations. For further information, visit the foundation’s Facebook page at or visit its website.

The Wilderness Wildlife Trust: The trust is asking partners, guests and Africa enthusiasts to donate at its website.

Singita: The company is directing travelers and all those who want to help to its website to the following projects: In South Africa, the Singita Lowveld Trust; in Tanzania, the Grumeti Fund; and in Zimbabwe, the Malilangwe Trust.

The Africa Foundation: AndBeyond said that it is critical to increase the resilience of rural communities to the threat posed by the coronavirus. For this reason, the organization has reprioritized a number of projects, particularly those to do with the provision of water. They are also supporting the Africa Foundation with their fundraising efforts for:

• Borehole creation, which will provide clean, safe and accessible water.

• The provision of Hippo Water Rollers, 90-liter barrels that roll easily over the ground, providing an easy means of transport and storage for large volumes of fresh water.

• The provision of basic supplies to clinics in rural areas.

To find out more about these initiatives and to donate go to

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