Visitation revenue up in Hawaii prior to pandemic lockdown

New data released by the Hawaii Tourism Authority shows visitors to Hawaii in February and visitor revenue both increased in comparison to February 2019. 

While travel had started to slow due to the spread of Covid-19, Hawaii did not implement strict measures to resist the spread of the disease until mid-March, and tourism continued much as usual through February.

Spending by Hawaii visitors in February totaled $1.46 billion, a nearly 5% increase compared to a year prior. Even with the extra day in February 2020 compared to February 2019, the average spend per day rose 1%.

There were an average of 250,052 visitors on the Islands on any given day in February, a half-percentage point higher than the average daily census for February 2019. Visitation from the U.S. West and U.S East were up 10% and 8% respectively, while visitation and total spend from Japan, Canada and all other international markets declined.

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