Canadian TikTokker reveals ‘lies’ people are told about Australia

Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience.

Especially when that new country is Australia, and you’re told that almost every animal you encounter on the street will be willing and able to rip you in half.

In his video, which has amassed more than 10,000 views, TikTokker Paul Ferrante – who moved to Australia from Canada eight years ago – begins by saying “You, my friend, have been lied to your whole god damn life.

“I want to give you a glimpse into what Australia really is … not what the memes say.”

He then goes on to debunk a number of popular wildlife myths about Australia.

“First up you’ve got the infamous snake in the toilet,” he begins.

“Now I’ve lived here for about eight years and I’ve not once seen a snake in the toilet … things that look like snakes, but not a single snake.”

Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience, as this Canadian found out.Source:Supplied

It’s daunting when you’re told that almost every animal you encounter on the street will be willing and able to rip you in half.Source:Supplied

“Next up we’ve got spiders on toilet paper rolls. Now don’t get me wrong, spiders are everywhere and they’re as big as this motherf*cker right here, but I am yet to see a spider in my TP.

“Last and absolutely my favourite is the infamous drop bears. So as soon as an Aussie senses any kind of accent or any way of knowing you’re a tourist, they’re probably going to tell you there’s drop bears. The idea is these bad boys are waiting in the tree tops waiting to pounce on you as soon as you near them.

“The closest thing to them is a koala and they are so high they wouldn’t even know what to do with you.”

This expat has a few things to say about AustraliaSource:Supplied

This Canadian has lived Down Under for around eight years.Source:Supplied

A number of followers commented on the video, saying Ferrante clearly lived in the city.

“This is such Sydney energy …. North Queensland (Townsville / Cairns) definitely have all three,” wrote one commenter.

Ferrante went on to clarify that he lives on the NSW Central Coast.

However another viewer wrote “lived here since birth and have never in person seen a snake in a toilet or a spider in the to roll … ” to which Ferrante responded “THANK. YOU. Finally someone admits it.”

Ferrante has garnered over 14K followers on TikTok thanks to his frank and often humorous insights into life Down Under.

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