Holiday park offers Britons the chance to buy an affordable holiday home with a difference

Holiday parks and campsites are experiencing a surge in bookings and enquiries this summer. As temperatures soar and lockdown rules are eased, Britons are looking to holidays in the English countryside rather than flocking to the beaches of Benidorm. Holiday parks and campsites have become the obvious choice for British holidaymakers looking for a quick break. But for those looking for a more permanent holiday destination, than this holiday park company in the UK may be offering the perfect solution.


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Lovat Parks is an affordable yet luxurious British holiday park company that is working hard to change many people’s perceptions of holiday parks.

With bookings soaring for 2020, Lovat Parks is looking forward to a busy summer after lockdown.

The company offers customers seven locations across the counties of Cornwall, Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk and Wiltshire with luxurious-yet-affordable lodges and camping under the stars.

Lovat Parks prides itself in focussing on wellness, nature and enjoying time away from the challenges of everyday life.

Lovat Parks’ owner Raoul Fraser spoke exclusively with about the holiday home options they’re offering Britons.

“Before I set up Lovat, I didn’t quite understand how big the industry was,” he admitted.

He continued: “There are 1.2 million caravans in this country.

“And a quarter of the population have spent a night in a caravan in the last 12 months.”

Fraser also explained how his holiday homes aren’t just affordable but offer community spirit.

He added: “Not only is it a really affordable way to have a holiday home, but there’s an incredible sense of community as well.

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“We have residential caravan parks where people live all year round.

“Similar to the US where a lot of Americans live in trailer parks, but you then have the holiday parks as well.

“We sell static caravans and we sell lodges as well.

“The lodges are a bit more expensive but the quality now is unbelievable.”

He explained that some of the lodges have floor-to-ceiling-length windows, and that people are often blown away when they visit the manufacturers in Northampton.

The price points for Lovat Parks’ holiday homes vary, Fraser explains, depending on the area.

He continued: “We sell holiday homes in all of our parks at different price points.

“We’ve got some more expensive ones down in Cornwall, where they’re both holiday homes and you can live in them – a small number where you can live in them.

“And then we’ve got less expensive ones on our parks in Kent which are 45 minutes away from south and east London.”

Fraser then explained how people usually use their purchased holiday lodges and static caravans, and how much money they can make when renting them out.

He explained: “Predominantly, they’re for people who want to use them for their own purposes.

“But we do offer the ability in some of our parks for them to rent them out as well.

“In Cornwall, for the lodges there we had Hoseasons go and review the park and they’ll make a good amount per year just renting them out.

“That park in Padstow is one of the most popular parks in Cornwall and so it will pretty much be rented for the whole year.

“It’s a really nice way for people to get an eight to 12 percent return on their money but also for the weeks where they want to use them with their families, they can.”

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