The 11 Best Inflatable Pools for Your Backyard

Ideally, summer means backyard barbeques, evenings spent around a fire pit, and sunny pool days. But if your backyard or patio space doesn't include a pool, it might be tough to make all of your summer dreams come true this year. That said, it's not impossible to have some pool time if you don't have one accessible – you just have to get creative. For instance, you can buy an inflatable pool for your backyard, blow it up, and then just pack it away when you're done.

Unlike sprinklers and water toys, inflatable pools give you the option to lounge while splashing around. Plus, there are plenty of options to suit your aquatic style. For families with little ones, you can choose an inflatable pool with entertaining add-ons, like slides and built-in toys. But if you're looking to unwind, you can sit back and relax in an inflatable pool with comfy seating. There are even Instagram-worthy novelty pools that will help complete your summer aesthetic while providing the perfect hangout spot for you and your friends. And of course, pet owners will find plenty of pet-friendly options for their furry friend to wade in. 

To save you some of the trouble of searching, we did the work for you and rounded up our favorite inflatable pool deals right now that we found around the web. Each of these inflatable pools is small enough to fit in your backyard, but will also deflate in just a few minutes whenever you want to put it away. While you're at it, you'll definitely want to pick up an electric air pump so you can get your inflatable pool set up quickly to kick-start your summer fun. 

These are the best inflatable pools of 2021, according to reviews:

  • Best Overall: Homech Inflatable Swimming Pool
  • Best Budget: Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool
  • Best for Adults: Sable Inflatable Pool with Built-in Bench
  • Best with Canopy: Oeves Inflatable Swimming Pool
  • Best for Babies and Toddlers: Vivi Mao Garden Round Inflatable Baby Swimming Pool
  • Best for Families: Play Day 10-Foot Family Pool
  • Best for Kids: Hamdol Inflatable Swimming Pool
  • Best Novelty: Xflated Watermelon Kiddie Pool
  • Best for Pets: Jasonwell Collapsible Pet Pool 
  • Best with Slide: Little Tikes Slam 'n Curve Slide
  • Best with Filter: Summer Waves Above Ground Inflatable Pool

Best Overall: Homech Inflatable Swimming Pool

Moderately priced and reliable, the Homech Inflatable Swimming Pool is a spacious 99-inch inflatable pool that will instantly become your favorite spot in your backyard, especially when temperatures really start to climb. It has a water capacity of 162 gallons, and it's made from a thick PVC material that's built to last. Plus, the pool can withstand additional weight thanks to its three individual double-air intake chambers, which guarantee fast inflation while preventing water leakage and involuntary collapsing. The Amazon's Choice pick has a 4.6-star rating and more than 4,500 glowing reviews. "It was easy to set up, and so far very durable," one shopper wrote. "Definitely worth the price compared to cheaper pools that don't last after one use. I also like the depth of the pool, high enough to keep it sturdy." 

To buy:, $70 (originally $80)

Best Budget: Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool

Those looking for a budget-friendly option will be delighted by the Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool's low price tag, which won't cost you more than $20 Amazon. Measuring 45-by-10 inches with a water depth of 6.5 inches, this compact pick will fit perfectly in small backyards, and it's roomy enough so you can really cool down and splash around. According to reviewers, the three-ring design is easy to inflate and more durable than it looks. "For the price, this small pool can't be beat," one shared. "The pool is made of a durable material, and it doesn't feel cheap." 

To buy:, $14 (originally $20)

Best for Adults: Sable Inflatable Pool with Built-in Bench

With its built-in bench and inflatable backrest, the Sable Inflatable Pool with Built-in Bench will instantly become the best seat in your backyard. This best-selling Amazon inflatable pool has a water capacity of 203 gallons and measures 88-by-85-inches long and wide, ensuring plenty of room to splash around and lounge. Its thick PVC walls, streamlined inflation design, and fast drainage system also make it a favorite among reviewers. One shopper raved, "This pool has transformed my tiny backyard to my personal summer oasis." 

To buy:, $102

Best with Canopy: Oeves Inflatable Swimming Pool

The Oeves Inflatable Swimming Pool is a great option for those looking to beat the heat and get a little protection from the sun. The 95-by-56-inch pool comes with a removable sun shade canopy, which offers UPF 50+ protection while providing a shady spot to lounge and splash around. Additionally, it's built to prevent air loss and water leakage with its thick, weight-bearing PVC material and three air chamber, double exhaust free-flowing valve design. "Inflated it and put it in the backyard, filled it up and my dog and I jumped in and it held up well. It was large and spacious," one Amazon customer explained. "The added canopy was nice to keep me in the shade with it being super sunny outside."

To buy:, $51 (originally $60)

Best for Babies and Toddlers: Vivi Mao Garden Round Inflatable Baby Swimming Pool

Young water enthusiasts will get a kick out of the Vivi Mao Garden Round Inflatable Baby Swimming Pool, a 10-inch tall and 46.9-inch diameter pool that holds up to 18 gallons of water. Parents will love its durable three-ring construction, fast-filling design, and compact size, which doesn't take up too much room and can be easily stored when deflated. For added comfort, the kiddie pool has an inflatable floor that provides a buffer between your child and the ground. In their reviews, Amazon shoppers noted that it also doubles as a ball pit for indoor entertainment. "Bought for our six-month-old daughter, works great for a secured, soft play area," one customer shared. "The bottom is very padded with plenty of space."

To buy:, from $20

Best for Families: Play Day 10-Foot Family Pool

Spaciously sized and reasonably priced, the Play Day 10-Foot Family Pool provides the perfect summer hangout spot for you and your family. Its sleek rectangular shape allows it to fit in most backyard spaces, including decks and patios, while its high, sturdy walls create a comfortable-yet-durable barrier. This inflatable pool also comes equipped with two fast-inflating, free-flow exhaust valves to make setup and cleanup a breeze. 

To buy:, $38

Best for Kids: Hamdol Inflatable Swimming Pool

Your kids will enjoy spending the summer in the Hamdol Inflatable Swimming Pool. This 99-by-72-inch inflatable pool holds up to 153 gallons of water and fits multiple people comfortably within its family-sized construction, which boasts thick PVC walls. Thanks to its inflatable elephant sprinkler head and two included pool floats, there will be no shortage of fun. Amazon shoppers praised the pool's drainage system in their reviews, highlighting that its two-drain design made clean-up fast and easy. "Hours are spent swimming easily and safely in this pool," one reviewer said. "Very easy to inflate, it feels sturdy and also perfect for adults to have fun… Very pleased with this pool for its size and how easy it is to drain the water."

To buy:, $80 (originally $110)

Best Novelty: Xflated Watermelon Kiddie Pool

It doesn't get any cuter than the Xflated Watermelon Kiddie Pool, which is 66 inches in width and holds 154 gallons of water. The fruit-inspired inflatable pool has a 45-by-10.5-inch frame, and it's designed with three separate air valves for fast inflation and deflation. The inflatable also comes with a handy first-aid patch in the event of rips or tears. Not a fan of watermelons? It's available in fun hamburger and ice cream prints as well. According to reviewers, it's the perfect size for toddlers and kids. For grown-ups, one shopper said, "For the price, [it's] exactly what we wanted to sit around and dip our feet in on a hot day in the backyard."

To buy:, $29 (originally $60)

Best for Pets: Jasonwell Collapsible Pet Pool 

Your furry friend needs a place to cool off, too. Perfect for pets and humans alike, the Jasonwell Collapsible Pet Pool provides instant relief from the heat with its travel-friendly, collapsible paneled design. It's available in five sizes, ranging from small for tiny pups to double extra-large for bigger dogs, which will also fit small children. This Amazon's Choice pick has more than 4,500 perfect reviews and a 4.5-star rating for its sturdiness, quality construction, and versatility. For many, it serves as a pool and a convenient spot for bath time. "Bottom is thick enough for nails not to puncture," said one reviewer, who called it a "must" for baths. "It also has some traction so they didn't slip or slide at all." 

To buy:, from $29

Best with Slide: Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide

Bring the waterpark to your backyard with the Little Tikes Slam 'n Curve Slide, an inflatable four-in-one aquatic play center that ensures endless water fun. Made from puncture-resistant material and stocked with sturdy stake anchors and a reliable blower, kids have their option of wading in the pool, climbing the rock wall, sliding down the slide, or playing basketball. And the best part is that its open-faced design allows parents to keep a close eye during every phase of the fun. " My daycare kids love this slide," said one reviewer. "My husband always lets it dry out well before he puts it away, only had it one summer but so far very happy with it. Easy to put up, which my husband loves." If your backyard doesn't have the space to spare, Amazon shoppers also gave the smaller Intex Gator Inflatable Play Center Pool, which is designed for ages two and up, their seal of approval. 

To buy:, $400

Best with Filter: Summer Waves Above Ground Inflatable Pool

Ideal for heavy-duty swimmers and backyards with a lot of foot traffic, the Summer Waves Above Ground Inflatable Pool will help you keep cool with its spacious eight-foot diameter and 2.5-foot deep design. Accompanied by the brand's RX300 filter pump and made with triple layered PVC and polyester mesh inner sidewalls for increased sturdiness and stability, the Amazon's Choice pick is the closest thing you'll get to an above ground pool. "I am incredibly happy with this pool," one reviewer shared. "I have had the pool up for about two months now and it has gone through two severe thunder/wind storms with no issues… It was incredibly easy to set up."

To buy: or, $180

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