Airlines Selling Meals for People Hankering for Airline Food

Why anyone would have a craving for airline food is beyond us – although supermodel Chrissy Teigen seems to like it.

But enough people have been hankering for it that some international carriers are actually selling their leftover meals to the general public.

No, really.

Thai Airways is selling anything from stir-fried tiger prawn to beef cheek with cumin sauce. Cathay Pacific is selling meals to airport staff in Hong Kong, while Garuda, Indonesia’s national airline, is offering its food as takeaway dinners on a tray, just as if you were flying – minus the cramped seat – according to the British newspaper The Guardian.

Rubi Haliman, from Tangerang, Indonesia, has already ordered four meals from Aerofood ACS, the catering company for Garuda.

“We get the whole set [of potted dishes],” he said. “My favorite was nasi daun jeruk: rice with lemon flavor.”

On the side, he was served an egg tofu, and for dessert, jongkong, a traditional Indonesian sticky rice pudding.

Some folks are so starved for anything in airlines that some airlines have even advertised flights that lead to nowhere. In Taiwan, Taipei’s Songshan airport allowed hundreds of people to check in and board an aircraft that did not take off. Since then, some airlines have offered short tours that return back to the same departure airport.

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