Delta Cleaning All Flights Using Electrostatic Sprayers

Delta Air Lines has announced that all Delta flights will be sanitized using electrostatic sprayers in another effort to raise airline cleanliness standards amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Additionally, Delta will use the same method to sanitize frequently used spaces throughout Delta airports, including Reservation Centers, employee work and break areas, pilot and flight attendant lounges and office spaces.

Electrostatic spraying provides a safe and effective way to thoroughly clean an aircraft cabin from floor to ceiling, sanitizing areas that employees and customers frequently touch.

The sprayers diffuse a liquid disinfectant in a mist that adheres to seats, seatback screens, armrests, tray tables, doors, lavatories and galleys throughout the aircraft. The cleaning crew then follow up with an extensive checklist of cleaning procedures to wipe down personal and common areas of the cabin.

The disinfectant is safe for customers and crew immediately after use while also remaining highly effective in eliminating contagious diseases.

Delta began using electrostatic sprayers in February, before the outbreak was officially declared a global pandemic, on U.S.-bound flights from Asia. The airline will likely continue to use the electrostatic sprayers to disinfect all aircraft beyond the pandemic.

Additional safety measures Delta has taken to limit the spread of the virus include requiring all crew members and passengers to wear safety masks, blocking select seats, providing customers with supplies such as hand sanitizer and amenity kits and limiting onboard food and beverage services.

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