Delta starts rolling out personalized entertainment

Delta has begun enabling personalized entertainment seatback screens. 

The system is now being tested on select older-generation Airbus A321 aircraft.

The technology offers flyers an experience similar to their own smart TVs. For example, screens will remember where flyers left on a movie or TV show from previous flights and will have lists of passengers’ favorite shows and movies. 

To use the feature, flyers log in using their SkyMiles account. It’s free for SkyMiles members as an accompaniment to Delta’s free WiFi.

The carrier said the personalized experience will be available across its fleet of approximately 125 Airbus A321-200s by the end of the year. 

Personalization is one part of the Delta Sync initiative, which has included implementation of free WiFi this year across most of its mainline single-aisle fleet.

The carrier has also initiated the Sync Exclusives cross-promotional platform for seatback screens, with offerings such as free Paramount+ trials and overtures from Delta partners such as T-Mobile and American Express.

Delta plans to expand the Sync initiative across its widebody fleet next year.

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