FAA waives slot use quota at congested airports coronavirus

The FAA is waiving minimum slot-use requirements
at U.S. airports through May 31, so airlines won’t lose their slots because they have reduced
service due to coronavirus.

The waiver of the slot-usage requirement applies to New York
Kennedy, New York LaGuardia, Ronald Reagan Washington, Chicago O’Hare, Newark, Los
Angeles and San Francisco airports. 

Under normal circumstances, airlines can lose their slots at
congested airports if they don’t use them at least 80% of the time.

The FAA is waiving the 80% requirement through May 31 for
U.S. and foreign airlines. The FAA added that it
expects reciprocal relief from other countries and may decide not to grant a
waiver to airlines from countries that don’t reciprocate.

The FAA said it could extend the waiver period beyond May 31
if coronavirus continues to affect travel demand.

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