This Company Is Offering Airline Food – At Home

If it’s good enough for Chrissy Teigen, it can’t be that bad.

Teigen, the supermodel and television personality, went on the record a couple of years ago professing her love for airline food.

Now she and other aficionados of the culinary genius of airline food can get it at home if they live in the Middle East.

Tamam Kitchen, a leading airline food company in Israel that services El Al Airlines, Turkish Airlines and several other international carriers that fly out of Tel Aviv, is offering its in-flight meals to the general public as a low-cost delivery option during the pandemic, according to National Public Radio.

The company came up with the idea last month as a way to stay in business. Even though Israel has significantly lowered its positive COVID-19 cases, travel restrictions and a lowered demand for flying has hampered tourism to Israel.

“We have to rethink and reinvent ourselves,” said Nimrod Demajo, vice president of operations at Tamam, which is headquartered at Israel’s international airport in Tel Aviv. “We came up with this idea, and it was like, you know, like lightning strikes us.”

NPR noted that meals are priced at as little as $3 a tray.

“It’s a simple food, not, you know, so fancy,” even though people enjoy it, said Demajo. “You stick it in the microwave, warm it up for five minutes, and then you have a meal.”

The company reports around 100 orders a day. Customers include a Google employee working from home who bought kids meals for her children, a metal factory whose cafeteria supplier went out of business during the pandemic, an elder care facility that closed its dining room for social distancing, and a major company that bought meals for its employees to spice up an online video conference.

Trays for sale include fish cutlets in tomato sauce and couscous, sweet potato ravioli with green beans and black lentils, beef cutlets in mushroom sauce with rice topped with black beans, and chicken schnitzel bathed in a curry sauce. Many come in the original packaging with the El Al logo imprinted on the peel-away plastic cover.

The company does ship.

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