Alton Towers is opening an absolutely terrifying new ride later this year

Thrill-seekers and horror film fans are going to want to plan a trip to Alton Towers later this year, as the theme park has just revealed plans to open a terrifying new ride for 2023.

'The Curse' will be a creepy haunted house sure to get the adrenaline pumping.

Although the resort hasn't revealed too much about the ride, it has promised that it will be its "most immersive dark ride to date", and shared a first look with concept imagery for the terrifying attraction.

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In the spine-tingling image a family sits in a small vehicle headed towards the doors of a creaky haunted house, with terrifying dolls and clowns visible, as well as a young child covering her eyes.

The full theme of the ride hasn't been confirmed, but it promises to include "the backstory of the Manor's sinister past".

The ride will be suitable for both adults and brave youngsters, and will use "special effects and visuals that have never been seen before from a UK theme park".

Sadly, we don't yet have an opening date, although the resort has said it will open in Spring.

The Curse replaces previous attraction Duel, which closed to the public last year.

The park also recently closed its iconic rollercoaster Nemesis last year.

With a 104ft-high drop and speeds of 50mph, it's long been one of the most popular rides at the theme park, not to mention it's also the first inverted ride in Europe.

Themed around an alien with tentacles, it’s an out-of-this-world thrill with weightlessness, plunges, twists and turns that swoop by rocks and weave through the gore-spattered beast.

The rollercoaster cost £10m when it first opened in 1994 and features turns with four inversions, and riders can experience 3.5 G-force as they strap in for the ride.

However, there is a silver lining for the rollercoaster-obsessed; the ride isn't closing forever. Instead, it's going to be getting a serious revamp, with plans to reopen in 2024, although Alton Towers hasn't confirmed an exact date.

Still, there are plenty of other brilliant and iconic rides to be found across the resort. Rollercoasters such as the Wicker Man, Oblivion and Rita all promise some major adrenaline-inducing experiences, not to mention come Halloween, the theme park always goes all out with its terrifying scare mazes.

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