Baggage handler reveals simple step to protecting luggage from ruin

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Baggage handlers are tasked with moving thousands of bags around the airport daily. While it is their job to ensure every bag gets to the right flight safely, there are some ways holidaymakers can help ensure their bags stay safe.

Though damaged luggage is rare, it does still happen.

According to the most recent data from MoneySuperMarket, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) received over 2,000 complaints regarding lost, delayed or damaged luggage on flights to and from UK airports since between 2015 and 2019.

Most commonly, this is due to larger bags being mishandled in transit.

However, there is a way passengers can better protect their bag during its journey, a baggage handler explained.

Ensuring a bag with fragile goods is marked with a “fragile” sticker will instruct the handlers to be a little more gentle with your bag.

Despite this, weight is ultimately the key.

“Fragile stickered cases always get handled with care, but the heavier it is the more difficult it is to do so!” the anonymous baggage handler wrote in a Reddit forum.

“Anything under 65lbs you’ll be alright, to be honest, if you can’t handle it delicately, chances are we won’t be able to either.” [SIC]

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They added: “If you are worried about it, pack two bags instead of one! that way it won’t be so awkward.”

Passengers who are travelling with heavy luggage may also want to consider buying a specific type of suitcase.

A second baggage handler advised: “If you are packing heavy, get something robust and something that rolls.

“You know those four-wheeled hard case bags, they are light and easy to manoeuvre, easy to stack, much more likely to keep your belongings safe.”

Another crucial way to ensure your possessions stay safe is to purchase an all-encompassing travel insurance policy.

Insurance packages vary, and the amount of coverage can be increased if the contents of a bag are costly.

Anna Sant, travel insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket, advises: “Most luggage arrives at its intended destination without a hitch.

“However, with the Civil Aviation Authority receiving over 2,000 unresolved luggage complaints in the past five years, it’s clear that it’s not always an issue that airlines can fix themselves.

“Noting the contents and value of your cases will also assist with any subsequent insurance claims.

“It’s therefore vital you take out travel insurance with the right level of cover, as soon as you book your trip.

“Most policies will cover the full cost of your belongings but it’s worth double-checking before proceeding with a policy.”

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