‘Beautiful’ country is the ideal destination for retired British expats

Dreaming of retiring under the sun? A beautiful country in southern Europe could offer Britons a better quality of life than the UK.

According to research from Legal & General, around 12 percent of people aged over 50 dream of relocating overseas after retirement. But where’s the best spot for retired British expats?

The expert team at Penfold looked for the best 15 countries for retired British expats analysing important factors including the cost of living, exchange rate and the average cost of flights.

While Spain usually tops the list for Britons, another European country came out on top in the ranking.

Croatia was named the best destination in the world for British expats looking to retire. With a cheaper cost of living, Britons could save by retiring under the Croatian sun.

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According to the team at Penfold, the cost of living in Croatia is around half what Britons would pay in the UK. A cappuccino costs around 1.82 euros (£1.58). Croatia joined the euro at the beginning of 2023 and also became the latest country to join the Schengen Zone.

Britons who’ve dreamed of living by the beach will have plenty of spots to choose from in Croatia. Zlatni Rat Beach in Split is one of the country’s best-rated.

‘Daniel B’ said: “Such a beautiful spot. Lovely clear sea to enjoy. Being here as the sun went down was magical, as was being here early before it got busy.”

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But it’s not just about beaches. Croatia has several breathtaking national parks while Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

While Split and Dubrovnik are both gorgeous cities, expats looking for peace and quiet might like to try a quieter spot such as Rijeka or Rovinj.

Despite missing out on the top spot, Spain still grabbed second place on the list while the UAE was the highest scoring spot outside Europe.

Best destinations for retired expats

  1. Croatia
  2. Spain
  3. Ireland
  4. Italy
  5. Greece
  6. France
  7. UAE (Dubai)
  8. Canada
  9. Australia
  10. New Zealand

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