Below Deck Mediterranean: Yacht Captain reveals highlights of season 5 location in Spain

Below Deck: Mediterranean is a US reality TV series that chronicles the lives of crew members who work and live on a mega yacht. Each series films the crew, captain and guests on a charter season in a different location. The fifth season of the show premiered on June 1, and took place around the islands and country of Spain.


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As well as a chef, stewardesses, deckhands and a bosun, the life of the captain on board the super yacht is also documented.

Season five saw the return of super yacht captain Sandy Yawn who has over 30 years of experience in the field.

Sandy, who has been in four of the five series of the show, has charted yachts from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf.

She is one of the few female captains in the industry and has earned an outstanding reputation.

Sandy spoke exclusively to about her location highlights of season five which included the Balearic Islands.

“The Balearic Islands in Spain are incredible,” she said.

“Menorca has one of the longest natural harbours in the world. It’s incredible and beautiful.

“Majorca has mountains and caves and pearls and an incredible history.

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“And then you have Ibiza which is the epic party centre.

“The cool thing about Menorca is there are natural sea caves that are really cool.”

Sandy said that the highlights for her were the islands’ history and culture.

She continued: “For me the highlight is the local culture of things that are handmade on those islands.

“Like some of those shoes that just last forever were made in Majorca.

“You have the wineries. The Spanish wine – I don’t drink wine! – but my clients love the Spanish wine.

“There’s so many fascinating things about Spain.

“The highlight of this country is also the art history, the culture and the true artisans who make things.

“When you go to shops, you get the personal care, you get to hear about the history of the garment you’re going to purchase or the shoes you’re going to buy, or the pearls you’re going to purchase.”

She added that she even tries to encourage her crew onboard to learn the history of the locations.

“For me that’s incredible. And I always encourage my crew, ‘instead of hitting that bar why don’t you guys take a walking tour and find out the local history of where you are’, she added.

“They’re really lucky to be there and they get to come back and sleep on a super yacht.

“For me, that’s how I see my industry… We get to travel the world on someone else’s nickel and experience all the local culture and the food.”

The brand new season of Below Deck: Mediterranean is available to watch on hayu now

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