Bloke gets flight to Italy and delicious pizza – for less than price of Domino’s

A bloke has left Brits shocked by showing it was cheaper for him to fly to Italy to buy a pizza than get one from Domino’s.

Callum Ryan, @thatonecal, posted his foodie adventure on TikTok and quickly went viral.

A large pizza from Domino’s would set him back around £21.99 before “delivery costs”, reports Bristol Post.

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While he noted that a medium pizza in his area is priced at £19.99.

However, Callum managed to bag the travel deal every Italian food lover dreams of.

He snapped up a last minute ticket to Milan – in Northern Italy – for just £8.

Then, while Callum toured the pretty city he bought a tasty pizza for £10.

While dining at the restaurant, Callum also received a free glass of fizz and a tasty pesto pizza roll.

He ordered a classic Margarita pizza and received a drink to swill it down with.

In total, Callum spent just £17.72 on the pizza and his flights – he didn’t include the cost of the drink as it’s an “optional extra”.

His followers were left with their jaws on the floor at the cracking deal.

One person wrote: “£8 FOR A TICKET!!!!”

While another said: “Is no one going to acknowledge the fact he bought a plane ticket for £8?”

"This shows how ridiculous are prices in the UK!", another wrote.

However some did point out one flaw in his calculations – he didn’t include the cost of his return ticket.

Many asked how he managed to get back home!

But, considering he was able to fly to another country to dine on their famous food we think it was still a pretty massive bargain.

Tickets to Milan are regularly cheap so if you wanted to book a weekend trip you could jet off for a similar price.

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The city is home to Italy’s financial district meaning that businesses men and women often need to fly in and out of Milan cheaply.

This is great for casual tourists as it means there are tonnes of flights in and out of Milan from the UK that come at rock bottom prices.

Plus, there's lots to do in the city which sits near the border with Switzerland and France.

You can see the stunning duomo, shop at the incredible Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and watch inspiring opera at the Teatro all Scala.

Ryanair is selling one-way tickets to Milan for just £9 in March while in warmer July you can find them as cheap as £22.

Perfect for a bargain holiday jaunt…

What's the cheapest holiday deal you've found online? Tell us in the comments…


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