British expat says one thing is ‘considerably more expensive’ in the USA

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Vinny Thomas, 27, moved to Arizona to marry his wife. He works as a teacher and is also a social media content creator.

Vinny now lives in Phoenix, the sunny capital of the state of Arizona where he owns a house.

He told he was very happy in the States and believes he wouldn’t have been able to afford a house if he’d stayed in the UK.

However, he said that he finds one aspect of life “considerably more expensive” in the USA.

He told “The cost of eating healthy is considerably more expensive in the US.

“My main example I give to people is that a single bell pepper will usually cost around a dollar (74p) if you are lucky here.

“Whereas in England you can easily get a three pack for a pound.”

Food in the USA often has a much higher sugar content than products in the UK and it can be more difficult to eat healthily.

Moving abroad can be daunting and Vinny shared one of his main mistakes with

He said: “I think the main mistake I made was feeling like I had to relocate so quickly.

“I wish I took more time to appreciate the UK while I was still there, rather than searching for the next adventure.

“I also listened too much to negative viewpoints of visa processes, which caused a lot of unnecessary anxiety.”

While securing a visa for the USA can be challenging, it’s best to do research rather than listen to too many negative stories.

Nervous expats could also employ an immigration specialist to guide them through the process.

Some British expats might even be assisted in the process by their employer if their job requires them to move abroad.

Vinny told “My top tip for moving abroad is to do your research and make sure you are checking official websites for visa information regarding the specific country you are looking to relocate to.

“Additionally, focus on your own process. There will always be someone who has a friend of a friend who has a horror story about attempting to move abroad to the same place and it’s not helpful.

“As long as you are focused and plan accordingly and triple check your documentation and processes you will be fine.”

Depending on where a British expat moves to, they might find it hard to make new friends.

Vinny said: “Making friends abroad can always be hard, but I’d say the main way to do this is to focus on your passions, do things you enjoy both personally and professionally and you’ll make friends naturally along the way.”

It’s always a good idea to join clubs or groups to meet new people or check out Facebook groups for expats.

Being friendly to local residents could also help expats settle in and hear some great tips and advice for the area.

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