Britons camp out ‘overnight’ to secure beach huts – ‘2022 set to be huge’ for staycations

Simon Calder says he’s ‘holding off’ booking a holiday

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Avon Beach’s cabins are popular beach huts in Christchurch, Dorset which sell out each year. At £3,570 for the year, the beach huts are hot property rentals, with some even featuring fridges and gas hobs.

Every year, the Avon Beach’s cabins come up for rental in January.

They often sell out in minutes, even if they have to be booked in person.

Seaside loving Britons hoping to bag one of the cabins for their holidays camped out to secure one.

While there are 130 huts in total, only 12 were available for the entire summer 2022 or the whole year.

The bookings opened at 8am yesterday, Monday 3 January but staff were met with dozens of hopeful Britons when they arrived at 7.30am on Sunday.

Some would-be renters were ready for the wait, with camping chairs and blankets.

Determined holidaymakers camped out overnight to increase their chances of getting a cabin this year.

Nicola Davies arrived at 4am on Monday, a strategy that worked out as she secured a hut.

Local Ken Ryder and his wife took turns sitting out by the cabins for more than 24 hours.

He said: “My wife came down from 8am until 10 yesterday morning so I could go and get breakfast, then she came back from 12 until 2pm and I stayed overnight.”

The beach huts are popular every year, and Laura Huxtable-White, a beach hut manager, said: “They are very sought after, which is why people are willing to queue up for so long.

“With the pandemic and staycations, I think people are even more keen to get one this year.

“In lockdown last year, the phones were extremely busy and yesterday we had a lot of
calls from people checking they have the right date.”

Staycations are set to be as popular in 2022 as they were in 2021.

Donna Torres, UK Sales & Global Partnerships Director at Planday said: “With almost half of those surveyed confirming that they are likely to book a UK hotel stay, the outlook for the UK travel industry on a whole looks promising.”

She continued: “2022 is set to be huge for the industry.”

The company found almost half of Britons were planning to book a UK hotel stay this year.

With ongoing travel restrictions all over the world, holidaymakers’ confidence in booking an overseas holiday may not be very high.

Planning a UK holiday is a safer bet, and a seaside trip for the summer seems to be on the cards for many.

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