Britons say seaside town Blackpool ‘fantastic’ alternative to Benidorm – ‘give it a go’

Benidorm is a 'ghost town' without UK tourists says bar owner

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Blackpool and Benidorm, same difference? One creative Briton wondered how Blackpool compared to Benidorm, as he was considering staycations instead of his usual overseas holiday.

He said on a travel forum: “I have often heard that Benidorm is like Blackpool with sun so I’m asking Benidorm people how does Blackpool compare?”

Fellow holidaymakers were more than happy to answer.

One commented: “They’re both big, brash and vibrant but there the comparison ends.”

They continued: “In truth it doesn’t have that same easy going vibe that Benidorm […]”

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Someone else replied: “Blackpool Pleasure Beach is fantastic and the place is great for a day out with the kids but I suspect the OP is on a wind up here comparing it to Benidorm.”

While another said: “I love it and while I can’t get to Benidorm, we will enjoy what Blackpool has to offer. Give it a go!”

Blackpool was getting a lot of love, even if it didn’t really compare to Benidorm.

One person said: “Been to Blackpool many times it is a good laugh. […] Can’t believe how cheap the beer is still […]”.

While another wrote: “Been to Blackpool since the age of 14 and Benidorm, 18 and to be honest there is only one thing to choose between them and that is the weather. Both have a lot to offer.”

The consensus seemed to be that yes, Blackpool is a good alternative to Benidorm.

A poster said: “I would say that Blackpool is the closest you’ll get in the UK to having a similar experience to your Benidorm holiday.”

Someone else agreed: “I was expecting the place to be a lot cheesier than it was, the beach promenade was really nice. Not many drunks around either, but then again, it was a Wednesday.”

As can be expected, comparison of Blackpool and Benidorm considered the weather.

And the UK cannot really compete with the promise of Spanish sun.

However, Blackpool seemed to be considered a fantastic alternative to Benidorm.

The beer is cheap, there is a lot of live entertainment and stunning beaches.

Blackpool’ seafront and promenade, the Golden Mile, have attracted tourists since the Victorian era.

The beaches in and around Blackpool make the seaside town a fantastic place to go on a summer holiday.

It is no wonder that holidaymakers love Blackpool.

With its seven miles of sand, Blackpool Beach, on the seafront, is a delight.

And just down the road, Lytham St Anne’s beaches are also easily accessible.
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