Brits abroad! 9 of the ‘most embarrassing’ behaviours UK tourists do on holiday

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Summer may be some months away, but already many Britons are thinking ahead to their next sunshine escape. However, the old trope of “Brits abroad” continues to be a hot topic, with UK holidaymakers casting their votes on the “most embarrassing traits” of their fellow British tourists.

Hotel booking platform hoo asked UK holidaymakers to name and shame the worst behaviours of some British travellers while on overseas holidays.

Of these “embarrassing” habits, one specific trait came out on top, with almost half of all people surveyed slamming their fellow holidaymakers.

Hoo co-founder Adrian Murdock said: “As welcome as the Brits most certainly are when we go abroad, perhaps we’re also ready to do away with some of those more embarrassing traits that we’ve become notorious for while visiting foreign lands.”

The “most embarrassing” behaviours of Brits abroad

  1. Excessive drinking
  2. Shouting in English rather than attempting the language of the country they are visiting
  3. Singing football songs or chants
  4. Wearing Union Jack clothing
  5. Sticking to British food
  6. “Wannabe” Instagram influencers constantly snapping selfies
  7. Playing their own music loudly in public
  8. Wearing swimwear while not at the beach or pool
  9. Having sunburnt bodies on show

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According to a whopping 45 percent of those surveyed, “excessive drinking” is said to be the ultimate “embarrassing” behaviour.

This was followed by UK tourists inability to speak another language, with 15 percent of respondents noting many of their fellow holidaymakers “shout in English rather than attempting the language” of their destination.

Football chants took third place, with 10 percent of respondents slamming noisy lovers of the beautiful game.

No other category was selected by more than 10 percent of respondents.

Britons choosing to wear clothes emblazoned with the Union Jack was found to be “embarrassing” by eight percent of those surveyed.

A further seven percent of UK holidaymakers were left shaking their head at those who stuck to traditional British cuisine while overseas, rather than trying something local.

Social media is a huge part of our everyday lives, but on holiday those snapping Instagram selfies irk around five percent of respondents.

Blasting music loudly while out and about might also earn you some tuts from fellow British visitors, with four percent disliking this behaviour.

Aesthetic choices were also on the list of “embarrassing behaviours”.

Wearing your swimwear away from the beach or pool was selected by four percent of respondents.

And though sunburn is usually an accidental occurrence, two percent of respondents claimed it to be rather cringe-inducing.

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