Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: Royal always takes this unlikely item on her travels

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, like many Britons, packs key belongings when she travels. The royal has been on a great many royal visits alongside her husband Prince Charles. There’s one item she says she always takes.

Camilla made the revelation during a 2017 tour of Southeast Asia which she made with the Prince of Wales.

She shared that she likes to travel with a yoga block.

The disclosure came about in Singapore when the Duchess was taken to a yoga class for senior citizens.

Royal author Robert Hardman detailed the episode in his 2018 book Queen of the World.

“The Duchess is touring a community centre where she turns her hand to art, flower-arranging and cooking, and drops in on a yoga class for senior citizens,” wrote Hardman.

“They all obediently freeze in position as she walks in.

“She spots a ‘back brick’ and tells her guide that she never travels without one.

“‘Healthy ageing – that’s what we all need,’ she says cheerfully.”

Yoga bricks are a helpful tool to deepen flexibility and enhance yoga practice by lending the support needed.

Camilla is known to be a fan of yoga and practices the discipline alongside pilates.

While watching the Singapore class she also remarked: “It’s very good for you yoga, isn’t it?

“I do a bit of yoga. A bit of yoga and a bit of Pilates.”

“It’s very good for you as you get older, it makes you less stiff – good for your muscles.

“It makes you much more supple.

“I think it’s very important as you get older to take exercise and stretch.”

Prince Charles is also an advocate of yoga.

He has previously claimed if more people enjoyed the physical and mental benefits of the discipline the NHS could save on ‘precious and expensive’ resources.

In a written address to the Yoga In Healthcare conference last year, Charles said: “For thousands of years, millions of people have experienced yoga’s ability to improve their lives.

“The development of therapeutic yoga is, I believe, an excellent example of how yoga can contribute to health and healing.

“This not only benefits the individual but also conserves precious and expensive health resources for others.”

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