Campers’ tips for a comfortable camping trip: ‘Skinny pool noodles’ and ‘cat litter’

The Camping and Caravanning Club detail virus safety measures

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Camping is a fantastic getaway option, but it may not necessarily be associated with comfort. On social media, camping Britons are sharing tips to make their trips more comfortable.

When Facebook user Lou Be asked camping Britons to share the things that make their camping lives more comfortable, she was inundated with replies.

Condensation inside tents was a big issue most campers had hacks for.

Caroline Paing said: “Using those absorbent puppy training pads inside the tent doorways to catch drips, step in onto and to leave shoes on. Utter game changers, I tell you!”

Katie Sloan also had a tip, and hers was disposable and only cost £2.

She said: “A mini dehumidifier to stop any condensation.”

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Away from condensation, another common issue was lighting.

To stop other campers tripping on guy ropes, a few people had ideas.

Rachel Pedley said: “Replaced black guy ropes with yellow glow in the dark ones so we and anyone going past doesn’t trip over our tent or damage anything, especially at night.”

Lou Be wrote: “I got skinny pool noodles to put round them.”

Darren Michael Cook said: “I put solar lights on the guy ropes so I don’t trip over them after being to the club for a few.”

Jeff Lane agreed and said: “Solar lights seconded. I leave mine on the dash or parcel shelf to ensure charging for the first night.”

And Graham Crane also had a glow in the dark tip, but not for guy ropes.

He said: “It’s only small but little glow in the dark tags on all your door zips.

“If the lights are off and you can’t find your torch you can see the zip.”

Other tips for a comfortable camping stay included extra tarp.

Julie Ann wrote: “Extra tarp to put outside the doorway of the tent, great to keep the tent cleaner in wet weather, and handy for story time.”

There was also the issue of toilets, especially when camping with younger members of the family.

John Kelly said: “Folding toilet, looks like folding chair, but you put a bin liner in it and cat litter… works a treat.

“I’ve got two young daughters who always seem to get up in the night for a wee.

“So we put this in the spare bedroom of the tent.”

For extra comfort, Jeff Lane even had a handy tip for a hanging wardrobe.

He said: “I use a pair of big waterproof suit/dress bags as hanging wardrobes.

“Even has space in the bottom for underwear.

“Carrier bag for separating dirty clothes.”
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