Can I travel abroad or go on holiday in Tier 3?

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Boris Johnson is due to announce that England will return to the tiered approach took prior to the national lockdown, which began on November 5. Before the current lockdown, there were three tiers of restrictions for England, dependent on the prevalence of COVID-19 in the area. This system meant that you followed set rules depending on what tier you were deemed to live in.

Simplified, these were:

• Medium / Tier 1: Rule of six if meeting indoors or outdoors; pubs and restaurants shut at 10pm

• High / Tier 2: No household mixing indoors; rule of six applies outdoors; pubs and restaurants shut at 10pm

• Very high / Tier 3: No household mixing indoors or in some outdoor spaces; pubs and bars not able to serve meals are closed

The Government has opted for a return to this approach, but with amendments to the rules in some tiers and stricter restrictions in areas with the worst infection rates.

For areas under Tier 1 and 2, many of the current restrictions are expected to be relaxed, including the reopening of gyms and cinemas, as well as a limited reopening of pubs and restaurants.

However, those who will be in a Tier 3 area will not be so lucky, as the Government intensifies restrictions in high prevalence areas in comparison to last time.

It is likely pubs will remain closed for eat-in customers and non-essential stores could also be forced to stay closed.

Can I go on holiday in Tier 3?

Under previous Tier 3 rules, holidays were not permitted, as travel outside of your area was not permitted unless absolutely necessary.

This means no Christmas breaks on the continent or elsewhere, despite the relaxation of rules for Christmas, expected to be announced soon.

In theory, this means you could go on holiday within your area – whether you could count this as a holiday or not is up to you.

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According to restrictions for the pre-lockdown tier system, you also cannot meet up with people from outside of your home to go on holiday together – it must be your household only.

If you do go on holiday within your area, you are not permitted to socialise indoors with anyone outside of your household – you must only socialise in outdoor spaces like parks and beaches.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock acknowledged the latest set of measures were tougher than those that were in place under the previous three-tier system.

But with the roll-out of a mass vaccination programme not expected until early next year, he said it was essential that the disease was kept under control over the winter.

He said: “We know that this virus can accelerate very fast if there are not measures in place.

“It is so important that the measures that are in place continue until the vaccine can make us safe.”

“I am very glad to see in the data that the number of cases across the UK is clearly starting to fall. That is good news.

“Therefore, in England, when the lockdown measures come to an end on December 2, we can be confident that they can be replaced with a tiered system.

“But the top tier is going to have to be tougher than the previous top tier because before it managed to flatten the curve but not have it fall.”

The Government, in conjunction with the devolved governments of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, is also looking at ways rules could be relaxed at Christmas to allow families to get together for a short period.

The Prime Minister is expected to announce the new system in the House of Commons at 3.30pm on Monday, November 23.

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