Can you fly after having the Covid vaccine?

Vaccine: Expert explains you ‘won’t test positive’ after jab

In total, one in five people say they are unlikely to get the jab when it becomes available to them. It still isn’t known if the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine will provide immunity and stop people from catching and transmitting the virus, but it is supposed to protect against coronavirus. The jab is 95 percent effective against the virus, so Brits are already dreaming of normality. Can you fly after having the Covid vaccine?

A 90-year-old woman in the UK was the first to receive the Pfizer/BioNTech jab on Tuesday, December 8.

The vaccine has been proven in trials to be the most effective against Covid-19 and the UK will dish out 40 million doses of it in the coming months.

Health workers, those in care homes, the elderly and those at high risk of dying from the virus will get the jabs first.

Everyone under 50 will have to wait a little longer, and it could be months into 2021 before this phase begins.

The NHS site explains it will take a few weeks after having the second dose of the jab for the vaccine to work.

Even if you get the jab, this doesn’t mean you won’t ever catch coronavirus.

The NHS site states: “There is a small chance you might still get coronavirus even if you have the vaccine.”

Because of this, vaccinated people will still need to follow the social distancing guidelines and wear a mask or face covering if possible.

Pfizer is investigating further to find out whether the vaccine prevents transmission and information will be released soon.

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Can you fly after having the Covid vaccine?

Brits are concerned that they can’t fly after having the vaccine, because it is commonly thought that it contains the virus.

Experts have confirmed that you will not test positive for the virus after having the jab, because you are actually getting a tiny bit of the genetic code.

You do not need to worry about a false positive result after being vaccinated. 

News the vaccine is being given out has brightened the spirits of Brits hoping to travel abroad freely, with no masks or quarantining.

However, is that realistic? Maybe, but probably not until at least next summer.

The Government has insisted NHS cards confirming people have been vaccinated will not be used as “immunity passports”, but it is suggested once the vaccine has reached everyone, restrictions on travel will be lifted.

When asked about the prospects of a mask-free summer in 2021, Matt Hancock said: “I think that by Spring, we should be out of those measures.”

He added: “I really hope so, and I hope that we have a normal summer this summer coming.

“I think people have got used to wearing face masks in certain circumstances, but I want to get back to living by personal responsibility rather than laws passed through Parliament.”

The Health Secretary stated in the House of Commons on December 8 he has already booked his summer holiday for next year.

He said: “’I do have high confidence that the summer of 2021 will be a bright one without the sort of restrictions that made the summer of 2020 more restrictive.

“I’ve booked my holiday. I’m going to Cornwall.”


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Mr Hancock was hesitant to give an indication of when Brits can fly again but suggested social distancing and isolation restrictions may be lifted by the Spring.

He said: “We hope that by next summer we’ll all be having a much more normal summer.

“I can’t put more in terms of the numbers because there are so many contingencies that mean what we can be sure of and work and plan to is for the NHS to be able to deliver the rollout at the speed at which the manufacturers can manufacture.”

Kate Bingham, the chairman of the Government’s vaccine task force, has also predicted people in the UK will be able to go on a normal holiday next summer.

She claimed while getting the vaccine to everyone in the nation is a “monumental challenge”, Britain is still the “most well-prepared country” in the world.

On BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, she said: “My gut feel is that we will all be going on summer holidays.

“It is likely that those people most at risk will be vaccinated through to April, and then the (Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation) and the Department for Health will then consider how to broaden out the vaccinations to other adults.

“I think by the summer we should be in a much better place to get on planes.”

It will take months for the vaccine to have an effect, so we can’t all start mingling and becoming complacent just yet.

Boris Johnson stressed there is “nothing to be nervous about” when it comes to having the jab.

The Prime Minister stated: “It’s good for you and it’s good for the whole of the country.

“Gradually it will make a huge, huge difference. But I stress gradually because we’re not there yet. We haven’t defeated this virus yet.”

“It’s amazing to see the vaccine come out, it’s tremendous to see this shot in the arm for the entire nation, but we can’t afford to relax now.”

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