Coronavirus flights: How can you stay safe if you have to travel? Expert reveals top tips

Coronavirus has caused the anxiety levels of many Britons to skyrocket. The deadly virus has all but bought life to a standstill as countries go into lockdown and great numbers of people self-isolate. The travel industry has been hard hit by coronavirus.


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Today, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office announced that it was advising against all but essential travel outside the UK for 30 days.

However, if your travel is essential or you are taking a domestic flight, how can you stay safe?

Travel health experts at Vaxxy Travel have shared their top tips and travel advice.

“Plane hygiene is essential to ensure that you keep yourself and others safe at this time,” Parvinder Sagoo, Pharmacist and Clinical Advisor at Vaxxy Travel exclusively told

“Before your travel, organise an inflight bag of essentials to ensure you can remain clean whilst on the flight.

“Things like anti-bac hand wipes, spray, hand sanitiser, facial wipes, anti-bacterial hand cream and face cream and any other items that will keep your immediate area safe.

“Once you get on the plane, wipe down your arm rests, tray table and window shutter with one of the wipes to ensure any germs are removed.

“Ensure you do not share any food with anyone on your flight, and when it comes to the in-flight meals make sure you wipe down any areas of plastic that you will be touching.

“Ensuring you take regular trips to the bathroom to wash your hands thoroughly in between hand sanitiser is advised to keep hands clean.

“If you do go to the bathroom, it might be an idea to take your anti bac wipes with you so you can wipe down the areas that you will be in contact before and after for the next person.

“In terms of seating, because a plane is so cramped anyway, it’s not an ideal situation overall especially if there are virus particles on the air craft.

“However if you can, try to opt for the aisle seat where possible as the middle seat and window seat may be more susceptible to germs from other people.


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“Or try to sit right at the front or right at the back where there may be more air flow.”

Vaxxy Travel also advises against sharing food, no matter what your form of travel.

“This is fairly obvious, however many people forget how easily germs are passed across from sharing food, whether that’s snacks such as crisps, nuts or sweets or even sharing the same cutlery,” said the experts.

“If you are travelling with a partner or friend, ensure you aren’t sharing utensils that will enter the mouth.

“If you’re travelling solo, don’t have any communal snacks which may be present on methods of transport such as flights or trains, these are most commonly nuts or crisp bowls.

It’s also important to keep your nails short and clean when travelling as this “will prevent dirt and bacteria particles from collecting under your nails which if brought up to your face or mouth could cause you to digest any bacteria from under them,” explained the travel gurus.

“If you are someone who touches their face regularly, ensuring your nails are cut short will ensure they stay clean and germ free.

“You may also want to bring along a travel nail brush to ensure they can be washed with soap and warm water.

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