Cruise Planners and Apple Leisure Group Host Health and Wellness Series

WHY IT RATES: The company is hoping to help its network of travel advisors to develop positive mental health and wellbeing practices. —Codie Liermann, Associate Editor

Cruise Planners partners with Apple Leisure Group to present a two-part series focused on setting the nation’s largest travel advisor network up for success as the travel industry begins to reemerge from COVID-19. Michelle Fee, CEO and founder, Vicky Garcia, COO and co-owner, Theresa Scalzitti, CSO, discuss with David Pritchard, Apple Leisure Group’s Health and Performance coach, ways for travel advisors to develop positive mental health and wellbeing practices.

Key takeaways from Cruise Planner and Apple Leisure Group’s collaboration include:

—Using gratitude as a tool

—Finding your purpose

—Get inspired and staying motivated

—Understanding and embracing a balanced life

Thriving Through Challenging Times

While travel suppliers work in partnership with the CDC to finalize health and safety protocols onboard future cruise sailings, there is a lot of work happening on the ground and in virtual meetings to prepare travel advisors for the future of travel.

Cruise Planners and Apple Leisure Group harness their partnership for the benefit of travel professionals who are proving to be key to the rebirth of the industry. The two-part webinar series teaches advisors how to keep the mind, body and spirit healthy.

Cruise Planners’ Home Office Team recognizes the resilience displayed by its nation-wide travel advisor network and wants to ensure advisors can keep thriving through the early stages of recovery. Travel advisors have endured extensive working hours, tirelessly supporting their clients through waves of government guided cruise cancellations in addition to consoling clients who are having personal and financial hardships.

The role of a travel advisor has gone far beyond processing refunds or rebooking preferences. Travel advisors have served as soup kitchen volunteers, front-line healthcare workers, firefighters and home-school teachers. The wellness series aims to enhance travel advisor’s knowledge on selfcare, boost energy and provide tools to make these challenging times emotionally less taxing and more manageable.

“As our travel advisors shift focus, we are happy to introduce healthy habits to incorporate in everyday life to strengthen personal mental wellbeing,” says Michelle Fee, CEO and Founder. “A business’s success and recovery depend as much on the owner’s state of wellbeing as it does the state of the industry.”

Support for the Largest Franchise Network of Home-Based Travel Advisors

Cruise Planners has kept the nation-wide travel advisor network informed and supported throughout the pandemic. Executives at Cruise Planners update travel advisors by hosting weekly videos with travel industry executives and fellow travel advisors twice a week.

To combat feelings of isolation, Cruise Planners’ Business Development Coaches have provided group trainings on Zoom for travel advisors. Technology executives have facilitated CP Tech Live to give travel advisors a competitive edge and teach them the tools to run their business more efficiently.

The need for marketing and technology resources has never been greater to stay connected with existing clients, prospect new clients through virtual hug ecards, emails encouraging rebooking their future travel credits, hosting virtual consumer events, online wine tastings and remote cruise experiences.

“We’re incredibly grateful for our partnership with Apple Leisure Group,” says Fee. “Building upon your inspiration is a key motivator that can help get you through tough times, never underestimate the power of a spark of inspiration.”

SOURCE: Cruise Planners press release.

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