Doctor reacts to ridiculous plane crash conspiracy theory about brace position

An NHS doctor has hit back against a mad conspiracy theory after a TikToker told her followers not to adopt the brace position in a plane crash.

In his own TikTok video, Dr Karan Rajan @dr.karanr said you would be "dead instantly" if you followed the nutty advice given by the conspiracy theorist.

The truth-bending woman had told people they would make "millions of dollars" by ignoring the advice of highly trained cabin crew and then suing the airline.

Showing the brace position, she said: "We are all told when a plane is going down to assume this position but you do not."

Without giving any sources, she claims the brace position will "break your spine".

Unfortunately, the bogus video was viewed more than 15 million times after going viral on the video-sharing app and so Dr Karan gave a detailed explanation on why it was wrong.

He said: "If you found yourself in the unfavourable position of being in a plane crash and didn't adopt the brace position, the whiplash you would sustain would be so severe you'd get internal decapitation.

"Yes that's a thing and you'd be dead instantly."

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In the comments, Dr Karan, who is also on YouTube, added: "Internal decapitation is when the top of your head disconnects from your spinal column very rare to survive and if you did it's quadriplegia [being severely paralysed]."

His video has since been "liked" more than 100,000 times and people thanked him for helping to combat disinformation.

One person wrote: "How do people have the courage to give wrong information? Thank you, doctor."

"Thank you for educating us on the right information," said another.

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A third user said: "No cause I saw her video and I thought she's right and I will do what she said until you spoke about it."

Of course, the survivability of a plane crash landing depends on a lot of factors, like how fast the plane is travelling, the angle when it touches down, and the terrain.

You should always follow the instructions of the flight crew.

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