easyJet currently has flights under £20 to hotspots like Spain, Turkey and Italy

Brits wanting to bag a bargain and head off on holiday around Europe are in luck as budget airline easyJet has just released heaps of flights for less than £20. Cheaper than the cost of a takeaway, you could be jetting off to France, Spain, Italy and other beautiful hotspots.

There are a total of 99 destinations under the Black Friday offer from London Gatwick alone – and other airports are offering deals too. Manchester Airport is selling flights to 57 hotspots for under £20 alongside 33 from Edinburgh, 23 from Glasgow and 59 from Bristol.

Brits after a bargain can head to some of the most beautiful parts of Europe for less than £20 one-way. Some of the deals mean you could fly to top destinations from as little as £13.99 including from Bristol to Malaga and Alicante, both in Spain. Those heading out of the midlands city can also hop over to Amsterdam, Paris and Copenhagen for the same price.

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All you need to do to find the best holiday deal for you is head to the easyJet website on their Black Friday deals section; easyjet.com/en/inspireme. Fill in your preferred airport and dates and see what you can find!

The highest number of destinations is from London Gatwick with the cheapest flights – also for £13.99 one-way – being to Bologna, in Italy, Grenoble, in France, and Innsbruck and Salzburg, in Austria. There are lots of attractions that will tempt Brits to such destinations from Bologna’s position as the home of spaghetti bolognese, gorgeous medieval buildings o the thriving nightlife.

Meanwhile, Grenoble offers incredible mountains views, hikes along the Isere River, the historic old town and the bubble car up to the top of La Bastille hill. Innsbruck and Salzburg offer holidaymakers a glimpse into Austria which is lesser visited than France and Italy.

Those who do visit Innsbruck can enjoy the huge range of bars and restaurants too while Salzburg (the home of the Sound of Music) offers elegant buildings, great running hills, artsy cafes and quiet streets. Plus, it’s classical music heaven thanks to Mozart being a local.

Also included in the offer are major tourist hotspots for little extra cash. A ticket to Rome, the Capital of Italy, will cost just £16.99 letting you see the Colosseum and Pantheon up close.

For those in search of winter sun you can go as far as Antalya, in Turkey, for £19.99 where the sun shines and the beaches have bright blue water. At the same price point is Marrakesh, in Morocco, where you can wander through the great markets before sipping on tea and poring over gorgeous jewellery.

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