Epic 45-hour bus journey travels from England through 8 countries for under £100

We’ve all been on a bus that takes ages to get you where you need to be, but usually your destination isn’t usually very exciting.

Well, if you’re setting off from London that could change as a number of international bus routes start in the capital city.

London has bus and coach connections to distant destinations all around Europe meaning that you could book a holiday without needing to get on a plane.

The longest journey is a huge 51-hour trip to Vasuli in Romania directly from Victoria Coach Station in the city centre.

It heads through seven different countries, but another bus journey crosses even more borders on its winding route.

The 45-hour journey from London to Sofia, Bulgaria operates twice a week and leaves Bulleid Way in Victoria (not the coach station) at 9pm, reports MyLondon.

It’s operated by Bulgarian company Union Ivkoni and travels to France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Serbia before arriving in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia at 6pm two evenings later.

One of the weekly journeys in an hour quicker due to the crossing time from Kent to Calais and a detour through the Ardennes.

That journey goes via Lille, Paris, Reims and Metz in France instead of Belgium, reports MyLondon.

The ticket all the way to Bulgaria costs around £96 depending on the exchange rate even if you buy it last-minute on the day of your departure.

And, you have the option to pick your seat.

Return tickets cost £170.

Meanwhile, if you want to get off at Paris you’ll pay £65 – a price which can sometimes be beaten by train or ferry tickets from Newhaven/Dieppe.

The Dover/Calais journey isn’t always accepting foot traffic whereas the Newhaven departure office does.

If you’re adventurous enough to hop on board then you’ll see sights like Paris' Place du Panthéon, the home of Champagne in Reims, the Bavarian capital Munich, the Chiemsee lake, the double-bendy-electric trolleybuses of Linz and the ex-Soviet architecture of Sofia.

And, the bus travels through Hungary and Serbia without stopping.

If you’ve considered inter railing around Europe then this could be a great alternative depending on the prices when you book.

Unless you get travel sick of course…

We’d recommend not subjecting your fellow passengers to vomit if possible.

Would you hop on a bus journey around Europe? Tell us in the comments section below…

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