Flight attendant shares what ‘never works’ when trying to get upgrade – ‘weirdest thing’

Flight attendant gives examples of what not to do on an aircraft

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According to a travel expert and flight attendant, there is one thing you should never do if you’re trying to get moved to the premium cabin.

Lucia Taboada, an experienced flight attendant and manager director of DiarioAzafata, said: “Upgrades are possible only on very few occasions.

“Usually, only if you are an airline loyalty or miles cardholder.

“They normally do it at check-in and as a flight attendant, I rarely move a passenger from economy to Business,” Lucia said.

“There are no tricks for upgrades really, and I have to say a lot of people try it every day with the same excuses.

“They are things such as ‘their knee hurts and they need extra room for their legs’.”

Lucia explained she sees passengers trying to get better treatment using the same excuse every day.

“But no, these things never work,” she said.

So what can travellers do to boost their chances to get an upgrade?

Flight attendant Helena Afroughi explained: “What always works is when people bring some sweets to the crew, chocolates or whatever.

“And they make themselves known. Don’t just give it and run away.

“When people do that, the cabin chief would be like ‘make sure you go up to him and ask him if he wants coffee or tea’ because we could give it for free.

“Obviously not everything from the snack bar though,” she explained.

Lucia revealed some horrible situations she finds onboard the aircraft on a daily basis.

“I started flying in 2004 so I’ve seen a lot.

“On one occasion, after going through the cabin with the service trolley we found a man, who previously had rejected the onboard food, cutting Spanish ham with a huge knife.

“It was 10cm approximately. Obviously, we said he couldn’t use that on the plane and that we had to take it away from him.

“He was really surprised by that but he collaborated. The weirdest thing is how he managed to go through security with that knife.”

The flight attendant shared some other surreal situations she sees on a daily basis.

“Getting a pedicure on the tray table is a thing.

“Or when passengers go to use the bathroom barefoot…” she said.

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