Flight attendant spooked when she notices door move behind her during filming

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A flight attendant has joked she is "done" after viewers spotted her door moving in a creepy way in one of her videos.

Kat Kamalani is an air hostess who shares flight secrets and travel tips on her Instagram and TikTok channels.

In one of her most recent clips, uploaded on Thursday (September 30) the flight attendant is retelling the story of how she met and fell in love with her husband.

Behind her, the door moves back and forth as if it is caught in a draft, and viewers were quick to freak out.

One person joked she had a "house full of ghosts" and another told her to "have fun with the ghosts".

"First thing I came to the comments for! That door," said someone else.


Meanwhile, others said that because the clip was 33 seconds long, and the number three is apparently a "spiritual" number, it means that ghosts were trying to say hello.

Kat shared the footage again in another clip and wrote: "I was filming this for TikTok and after I posted it I noticed the door moving.

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"My husband was at work and my babies were sleeping.

"It starts to move and stops. Just wait… it then moves a ton! Look right there!

"OK excuse me while I go and cry myself to sleep."

Fortunately, there were a few people who didn't see a door moving as a sign of paranormal infestation and suggested it had a mundane cause.

"It could be the vent above the door making it move if the air was turned on or off," one viewer suggested.

Kat said the door hadn't moved like that in the six years she had lived in the home but agreed it was "possible".

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