Flight attendant turns to drug dealing, lost job to virus

A former flight attendant whose taste for travel and the high life came crashing down during the pandemic, has been sentenced to 28 months in prison on charges of drug dealing. The 27-year-old claims she turned to crime after losing her job during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alexandra Dobre from Romania had been living out of crew bases in Luton in the UK for the past three years. Working for several airlines, her life was documented on a lavish Instagram account, as she crisscrossed Europe.

The woman’s social media was full of exotic locations, separated by her proudly wearing uniform and posing with Wizz Jet and Ryanair planes.

However her jet-powered career was cut short during layoffs in the travel industry. However, just four months later, she was stopped by police in a Fiat Punto with 20g of cocaine according to local paper the Stoke Sentinel.

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