Flight attendant warns bags in wrong place on planes can be removed entirely

When members of cabin crew share their best flight secrets, we always pay attention – especially if it's a mistake that could mean you're instantly in their bad books and miss out on a free upgrade.

Now one flight attendant has explained that there’s a massive mistake you could make with your bags – and it could even result in your cabin luggage not making it to your destination.

We all know the pain of trying to nab space in the overhead lockers – and if there's no space above their seat, some passengers simply pop their stuff into a different bin elsewhere on the flight.

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However, putting your bag in the first overhead spot you find could actually mean your bag gets removed entirely – if you don't pay attention.

That's because cabin crew have to make sure that everything fits into the lockers and so often move bags and coats around to make them fit. But, if they can’t locate the owner of a particular item then it might be removed from the plane all together.

American flight attendant Valenica Rae, from Florida, told Conde Nast: "I pull the smaller item down from the bin and ask, ‘Who's is this?’ and if no one answers, I announce it will be removed from the plane since it’s going unclaimed."

She noted that this usually happens to very small bags which could easily be saved from their fate if passengers stored them correctly. Handbags and backpacks should be paced under the seat in front of you.

The flight attendant added: "I always want the owner of the bag to know that it’s being moved." So if you do place your bag in the lockers make sure they’re in your line of sight or that you can at least hear the crew.

That's not the only mistake people make when loading their bags onto the plane. Michael Clip, a flight attendant based in New York, told CN Traveler : "We can’t close the door for departure until everything is put away properly. If there’s no space for bags, we need to wait for an agent to come down to the aircraft and start tagging bags to gate check them. That takes time."

He added that as more people in the aisle begin to search for space the likelihood of a flight will leave late. Another flight attendant agreed with the statement.

Karina Kay said: "So many passengers place all of their belongings in the overhead just to free up the area at their feet for legroom, and that creates an overhead space issue."

So, if you do have a backpack or handbag then it’s best to always place it in the space below the seat in front of you. If you put it in the overhead locker you’re using up space that could cause a delay.

You also shouldn’t place coats or jackets in the above head space. They should remain in your seat or below your feet.

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