Flight attendant’s hack for ‘less stressful and more enjoyable’ flying – ‘get in the zone’

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Laura Reynolds has been flying for two decades and there “isn’t many places in the world” she hasn’t been. With in-depth knowledge of most destinations and a love for travel, Laura spoke to Express.co.uk about her love of long-haul.

Laura has flown all over the world, both short haul and long haul.

Incredibly, she prefers long haul.

She said: “I always say that flying long haul is less stressful than flying short haul.”

She also had some tip for holidaymakers who may not share her love of long flights.

Laura said: “If you have small children, make sure you make it exciting for them with travel packs to do on the aircraft.”

With three young children and a love of Australia, Laura knows a thing or two about a family trip to the other side of the world.

She said: “I find flying with my children to Australia easier than flying to Spain.

“Because you know it’s going to be a long flight, you get yourself set up and that’s it for the next 24 hours.”

For adults, however, it was all about “getting in the zone”.

She continued: “Go with a bit of an open mind.

“Because you have that time to get in the zone and relax.

“Don’t think about the length of the time, I think long haul is much more enjoyable than short haul.”

Laura also had a general tip for Britons considering travelling post Covid.

She said: “I would always say to people, go and do what you’ve always wanted to do.

“Don’t put it off now.

“People have always thought ‘oh I don’t want to spend that money, or I don’t know if I can go there’ and I just say ‘now you need to fulfil your dreams and do things’.”

She continued: “Take out that bucket list and start doing things that you always thought you should do.

“Don’t put it off anymore, go and do it and enjoy yourself.”

Laura is due to start flying again in January or February and she’ll take her own advice.

She said: “It’s amazing really you don’t realise what you got until you don’t have it. I used to fly so much I would sometimes just want to stay in my hotel room and have a bit of chill time.

“I will never ever do that again now. After losing so much time, I just want to go out and do more when I get to places.”


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